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Congregation Bet Yosef , Jerusalem

Shul Elevator

The planned shul elevator project is now starting in earnest after the decision at the Annual General Meeting to allow Gemach Funds to be used to fund the project.

Who is on the elevator committee?
The shul's building committee is also overseeing the elevator project.
Its members are: Yosi Herstig (Chair) , Eli Oster, Oscar Davis and Jonny Greenstein
Where will the elevator be sited?
The entrance will be from Shimoni Street where the notice board is sited at present.  The ground between the kindergarten and the shul will be excavated and a walkway made upto the building.  The elevator will stop at the main entrance level and access to the main entrance will be via a new walkway.   The 2nd stop will be at the ladies gallery.
How much will the elevator cost?
The contractor hasn't yet been chosen but the cost will be in the region of 350 - 400,000 Shekels.
How will the elevator be funded and maintained?
How long will it take to build?
What about Shabbat
The elevator will have a shabbat function and will be automatucally go up and down between stops during times of services.
How will it help  those living in the Tchernichovsky area?
The elevator will mainly help those living in the Shimoni area but those living higher up will be able to enter the ladies gallery and go down one floor.  On the way back they can use the elevator to go up to the gallery and then continue up stopping for kiddush on the way!

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