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Congregation Bet Yosef , Jerusalem

The official site of the
Bet Yosef Synagogue
אתר הרשמי של בית הכנסת
17 Shimoni Street
Jerusalem Tel 02 679 0120

NEW!!   Children's Service every Shabbat morning after Gelila.
Meet at the entrance to the shul and all walk down to the gan via the internal staircase to the basement.

CD Set Now On Sale In the Office NIS 85
Members can buy one set at NIS 85

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Photos of previous concert

The February 2007 Liturgical Music Concert was a great success and the next concert is being planned for Chanukah 5769

קונצרט המוסיקה היהודית בט"ו בשבט תשס"ז שהרווחים היו מיועדים  לשיפור הנגישות לנכים בבית הכנסת היה מוצלח מאוד הופיעו החזנים דניאל חלפון (מוזיקת בית כנסת פורטוגזית וספרדית) ונתי ברעם עם מקהלת גברים ורביעיית ילדי בית הכנסת. בפסנתר – אליהו זבלי.

Watch the Feb 1st Concert

The 2nd Bet Yosef Concert of Jewish Music featured:
Cantor Daniel Halfon  - Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue Music
Cantor Naty Baram - A Programmme of Chazanut
Eliyahu Zabali - Concert Pianist
Kolot Haesnoga Singers
Bet Yosef Youth Quartet

This site is not updated as often as we would like. If you can help please do contact the office. Meanwhile, please join our Yahoo group (see on right) to keep on top of the news!!
Why not join Bet Yosef now! One of Jerusalem's most dynamic congregations! Family membership for 5769 only  NIS700 with even lower rates for students and newly marrieds.  

SUNDAY NIGHT FORUM October 28th 2007
Chazan Daniel Halfon spoke on:
'The Odyssey of Sefardi Music'


Justice Yaakov Turkel

Children's Chug Mishnayot in Full Swing!

Cornerstone laying Ceremony 1971
Chazan Shmuel Segal, the late Reb Noach Ben Chorim, The Late Mr Bet Yosef and others

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Chairman's Report, Rosh Hashana 5766

Chairman's Report Summer 2006

Cantor Halfon with members of the Great Synagogue Choir

Bet Yosef Youth Ensemble

The late Rabbi Sharfman

Report of 1st Bet Yosef Concert of Liturgical Music

Please note that the Ladies Shiur starts at 4:00 p.m. in the Bet Hamidrash

The men's shiur given by Rabbu Urivetsky meets in the Bet Hamidrash 65 minutes before the later mincha service.

Rabbi Rosen gives a shiur every Shabbat afternoon, 20 minutes before Mincha

Rabbi Rosen, centre, with the Shul Vaad

Rabbi Shlomo Dov Rosen is the new rabbi of Bet Yosef.

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Rabbi Motti Elon, Regular Speaker at Bet Yosef

Condolences to the family of long time member and gabai Yaakov Tsurel .  

Rabbi Melchior, Forum Speaker. Details below

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Cantor Nati Bar Am

Elli Jaffe,Sunday Night Forum March 12th
The vaad meets every week. The workload is always heavy. Members who wish to raise an issue with the vaad are requested to do so in writing. Every communication will be examined by the vaad though it might take a week or so for the subject to be brought up.
Kiddush every Shabbat Mevarchin!
Every Shabbat Mevorchin immediately after the main (8:30am) service

Dr Chana Kehat, Sunday Night Forum April 30th

Isi Leibler, Sunday Night Forum 19th February
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The Shul vaad:    חברי ועד הנכנס של בית הכנסת 
Shirley Grantz - שרלי גרנץ 
Jose Rosenfeld - חוסה רוזנפלד   TREASURER
Yigal Margaliot - יגעל מרגליות   SPECIAL PROJECTS
Aviel Robovitch - אביאל רובוביץ SECRETARY 
Jonny Greenstein יונתן-גרינשטיין   CHAIRMAN 

Check out the late minyan in Katamon!

The Main Sanctuary

Organization News

Want a permanent seat in the synagogue with your name on it?
Seats are available for a yearly payment of NIS 150 in addition to the annual membership fee..
See a vaad member or call the office for details

Outgoing Vaad Members: 

Philippe Levy
Jose Rosenfeld
Pinchas Barzel
Jonathan Greenstein
Aharon Hurwitz

Becoming a Member

Yearly membership as of September 2008 is NIS 700 for families  and NIS 450 for singles, widows, widowers, single parent families (not including High Holiday seats)
Newly marrieds get an extra special deal!
Drop by with your cheque/cash or mail it in.

Rabbi Kidron during a gemara shiur

  • Daily and Weekly Shiurim at Bet Yosef
  • as off September 2008
  • Amitai Ben Aharon will be restarting his gemara shiru between mincha an maariv on weekdays. He alternates with Rabbi Rosen
  • There is a ladies shiur and a men's shiur every Shabbat afternoon in English - see this page 
  • Rabbi Rosen gives a derasha every Shabbat after Kabbalat Shabbat and before Musaf in the main service.
  • Rabbi Rosen gives a weekly shiur every Wednesday after Maariv
  • Mrs Rosen takes a Parshat Hashavua class evet Tuesday at 8:30pm


For updates about all the activities at Bet Yosef, check the Yahoo discussion group.

Times of Services
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Bet Yosef Synagogue
17 Shimoni Street
POB 4431
San Simon

Phone: 02 679 0120