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Congregation Bet Yosef , Jerusalem

1st Bet Yosef Liturgical Concert

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First Annual Liturgical Concert
The shul concert which took place on June 17th was a most memorable occasion. Almost 120 guests plus members of the choirs filled the Yad Nissim auditorium to near capacity.
Rabbu Sharfman was unfortunately not well and so his address was read out by Jose Rosenfeld. The concert  opened with the Shirat Israel choir's a rendering of Lewandoski's Ma Tovu  followed by traditional ashkenazi chazzanut.
Spanish and Portugese Synagogue synagogue music was sung by Cantor Daniel Halfon accompanied by the newly formed singing group 'Kolot HaEsnoga'.
The very moving Bruch's Adagio for cello 'Kol Nidre' was played by Sharona Greenstein accompanied by Dov Daniel at the piano. 
The Bet Yosef Youth Ensemble - Avital Rosenfeld, Tamar Greenstein, Nechemia Rosenfeld and Natalie Kapp played instrumental arrangements of Tzaddik Katamar and Shalom Aleichem.
All in a very well received concert at a very high level of professionalism.  Next year's concert is already being planned.
There will a another chance to hear the youth ensemble at a musical soire that is to take place on Chanukah at Bet Yosef.

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